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Bate’s Eye Exercise

Check out some more of the eye exercises that go along with the Bate’s Method and then practice them at home!

1. Corner-to-Corner Eyeball Shifting

This exercise is super self-explanatory and anyone can easily do it. In addition to being easy to practice, this exercise also comes with a slew of benefits for your eyes. Increased eye focus, reduced muscular strain, relaxing of eye movements and better control of your eyes are all results of practicing this exercise. To do it swiftly shift your eyes from left to right and then stop, repeat this activity between five to 10 times.

2. Palming

Palming is an exercise with one strict purpose in mind, to relax the eyes. By way of relaxing the eyes, palming also soothes the mind. Rub your palms until they get toasty and then place your hands over your eyes, making sure your fingers rest on your forehead. Be careful and make sure not to place the palms on the eyelids, just let the warming energy hit them without the added pressure. Now, experience the soothing effects of palming.

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