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Our 20 minute complimentary consultation is perfect if you want to discuss how acupuncture can be effective for your situation and gain realistic expectations of treatment.


During the physical exam, we will discuss your medical priorities, review your personal and families medical history to develop a treatment plan to help meet your goals. Tongue evaluation, Pulse diagnosis, channel palpation, muscle and other diagnostic testing as well as herbal recommendations will be made.


Private acupuncture sessions take place in a relaxing, private environment. We will discuss your current symptoms, any changes that may have occurred, and any new concerns you may have. We will then follow the treatment plan discussed during the evaluation Tongue Evaluation, Pulse Diagnostics, Acupressure, Cupping or Gua Sha are performed as needed. Review of herbal prescriptions. 

Group Acupuncture Therapy

Group acupuncture sessions are done in a group setting, needling only parts of the body that are exposed by street clothes. While others may be present, the room is quiet and peaceful. You may qualify for this type of treatment if you have finished your recommended treatment plan and want to continue with maintenance visits, or if you simply want to use acupuncture for stress reduction or relaxation. 

"Natalie is amazing. I was terrified of trying acupuncture but as soon as I walked in the room she made me feel at ease. There is something incredibly calming about her and she is very intuitive. I look forward to going every week. She is such a talented person and I highly recommend her!"

Kristen B

"Two months of acupuncture and have only needed allergy medicine ONCE! Finally found something that really WORKS! Thank God! Last year I had over 6 sinus infections and 4 ear infections just in the spring! For 15 years I've been on daily prescription allergy medicine! Even had 7years or so of allergy shots! I can't say enough about how happy I am to find something that works! If anyone is interested go see Natalie at influenced by touch in Metrowest she is amazing!"



Jessica R.

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