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March 21, 2020 Office Update

Dear Acu-Fam,

As the world around us changes, the most important thing still remains our health. I have loved having you in the office as my patient, but Yesterday, Governor Ron DeSantis issued Executive Order 20-72, mandating all “non-essential medical services” be shut down, this includes acupuncture.

In order to shift with the changing times and to continue serving you with the best treatments and care, I am offering virtual sessions.

During these 45 minute sessions, we will move through an acupuncture treatment together over a live video call utilizing the power of acupressure. We will tailor session to your specific needs which could include an herbal prescription, qi gong exercises, yoga poses, deep breathing, meditation, nutritional guidance, or simply connecting in a supportive conversation.

Not only are these treatments effective for continued care during a time of isolation, but they are also extremely valuable to those who are sick (including COVID-19) or have pressing matters in need of treatment with no access to Western medicine.

Please keep this in mind for your friends, family, and community. I am here as a stable source for your health and wellbeing during this uncertain time. Now more than ever we need to prioritize our health and healing.

A 45 minute virtual appointments will be $60.00. You may book an appointment online immediately by following the link provided.

Reply to this message with any questions or if you need assistance booking your session.

Stay safe. I'm here for you.

With care,

Natalie Vause

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