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Seriously, how are you?

Hey Acu-Fam! Seriously, how are you? Not going to's been a rollercoaster over here. This week, I hit the proverbial wall. I fell apart...It was nice big ole snot-fest. I had all the expectations of how this time was going to go...and I felt like I was failing. I was so sad canceling all of the remaining physical appointments on my schedule. Then I find my blood starting to boil every time I’m trying to get my kids to focus on a crafty project and all they want to do is play MindCraft...again! When I decided to escape my feelings in Facebook for a bit... what did I see? I see other parents with these crazy color coded schedules and all these beautiful DIY projects, as well as doing reading and math lessons with their kids and we don’t actually start distant learning till Monday. It felt like it was one more reminder that I wasn't doing enough. As I moved though my process, I realize that I had given in to one of the biggest lies we tell ourselves. I'm not enough and I should be doing more. This is called being trapped in the shoulds and shouldn'ts.

It's this negative thought monster that sits on your shoulder and tells you, you should, or shouldn't be doing something. You aren't doing enough...

  • "I shouldn't let my kids have so much screen time."

  • "I should be able to manage to work from home with kids here."

  • "I shouldn't be spending so much time scrolling Facebook."

  • "I should be able to do more since I'm home all the time."

Have you felt this way recently? After my little fall apart, I picked myself up and reminded myself that there isn't a right way to get through a pandemic. So.. if you find yourself stuck in the should/shouldn'ts tell yourself..."I'm doing the best I can right now and that's ENOUGH!" I have decided to open the doors for everyone to try a virtual session.Starting Monday, I will be opening up 10-15 min slots to help you calm your mind using an Emotional Freedom Technique completely FREE. We all know how amazingly relaxed acupuncture can make us feel, wouldn’t it be great if we could feel a bit of calm while we move through these challenging times. Visit my website to make your appointment. Currently we are scheduling our virtual visits Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. As always, let me know how I can help. I hope to see you all real soon. With care, NatalieCopyright © 2020 Influenced By Touch, inc, All rights reserved. You are receiving this email because you have either opted in from our website or are a patient of record. Our mailing address is:

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