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Bate's Method of Eye Health

Bate’s Method of Eye Health

Tired of having to use your glasses or contact lenses in order to see? Well, look no further, there is a natural way to regain your eyesight and retain optimal eye health. The method that makes this possible is called the Bate’s Method. Created by Dr. William H. Bates in 1891, the Bates Method has been used as an alternative form of ophthalmology for over a hundred years.

Bate’s believed his alternative therapy to regaining eyesight revolved around the idea that most eye problems were caused by habitual, or recurring strain to the eyes. Bate’s assumed glasses were ineffective and encouraged people to try his alternative solution to fixing eyesight. One part that makes up the method is a series of specific eye exercises, which aim to alleviate the strain causing the patient’s eye issues.

The first key exercise we will introduce is the near-to-far shifting of focus. This exercise will work to promote a balanced use of your eyes, it will help build flexibility in the eye muscles and increase your mind-eye coordination. The object of the exercise is to look at photograph while you hold one of your fingers about 10 inches away from your face. The idea is to shift focus between your finger and the photograph, this will either cause you to see an illusion of two fingers, or two photographs, depending on what you are focused on at the time.

Eye stretches are another exercise critical to the Bate’s Method. Eye stretches take around three minutes to complete and they are very easy to do. First, you must close your eyes and relax all of the parts of your face while maintaining deep and easy breathes. Now, with your eyes closed stretch your eyes in an up and down motion, repeat this 20 times. After you have stretched the eyes up and down, close the eyes again and roll them in both clockwise and counterclockwise motions, repeat this step 20 times as well. Eye stretches are imperative to optimal eye health, they reduce pressure in the eyes and help your eyes relax.

In addition to exercises for the eyes, the Bate’s Method calls for changes to diet and the amount of exposure you receive from the sun. In terms of diet changes, smart things to do when incorporating the Bate’s Method are to cut sugar and fat from the diet, and to add a hearty amount of fruit, nuts and vegetables. Although dieting won’t increase your exposure to the sun, sunning, an idea unique to the Bate’s method will.

Sunning is the idea that an individual’s eyesight will improve after staring directly at the sun. In order to stare at the sun you have to work up to it first, but overtime Bate’s stated you will notice improvement to your overall eye health. Sunning must first be started gradually with a small light source such as a lamp and then through practice and exercise you can then start staring at the sun.

There are many part to the Bate’s Method and you should be sure to do them all when trying to retain optimal eye health.

Bate’s Eye Exercise Sidebar

Check out some more of the eye exercises that go along with the Bate’s Method and then practice them at home!

1. Corner-to-Corner Eyeball Shifting

This exercise is super self-explanatory and anyone can easily do it. In addition to being easy to practice, this exercise also comes with a slew of benefits for your eyes. Increased eye focus, reduced muscular strain, relaxing of eye movements and better control of your eyes are all results of practicing this exercise. To do it swiftly shift your eyes from left to right and then stop, repeat this activity between five to 10 times.

2. Palming

Palming is an exercise with one strict purpose in mind, to relax the eyes. By way of relaxing the eyes, palming also soothes the mind. Rub your palms until they get toasty and then place your hands over your eyes, making sure your fingers rest on your forehead. Be careful and make sure not to place the palms on the eyelids, just let the warming energy hit them without the added pressure. Now, experience the soothing effects of palming.

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