• Natalie Vause

March 16, 2020 office update

After much reflection, I have decided to remain open today and tomorrow for all who wish to continue with Acupuncture care. All private patients can request to receive cupping with their treatment to promote lung health. As many of you know, I already made plans to take Wednesday and Thursday off to enjoy spring break activities with my family but will be available for phone consults during those days. Please refer to the online schedule for appointment times. Moving forward, we will decide on a week-to-week basis how to proceed and I will inform you as things unfold. My online schedule will reflect my hours accurately at any given time, but may continue to change until things settle down. I am offering virtual and phone consults for those who wish to remain home. During phone consults we can discuss Chinese herbs, food therapy, essential oils, and supplements. For those who take part in virtual visits we will walk through acupressure points, breathing exercises as well as discuss the items listed above. I am also offering distant Reiki treatment for those who feel inclined to use Energy Medicine as part of their care routine. These are great alternatives to acupuncture, even for pain-related issues, anxiety, or cold type symptoms. Notes for those who wish to continue with in person treatments... As a Healthcare Provider, I have had to make changes in the office to meet the CDCs current protection and control guidelines. One of biggest changes is the removal items such as warming blankets and eye pillows. With that being said, you are more than welcome to bring your own comfort items. If you are actively experiencing cold and flu symptoms, please take advantage of our virtual visits and stay home to minimize exposure to others.


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